In 1992 a small group of dedicated volunteers passionately organized in opposition to Amendment 2. These people were  led by a vision that believed, “If we can generate some calls in response, maybe another view can be heard.” – Amy Divine,  founder of Citizens Project 


On July 4th, 1992, an opposition article in the Colorado Springs Gazette led to hundreds of calls, and Citizens Project was born. The legacy and passion of Amy Divine to be a voice in the community, where advocacy has consistently promoted equity, inclusion, and justice, remains at the foundation and core of Citizens Project in 2024.  

Why:The Divine Award is given annually to a person whose commitment to equity, inclusion and justice has impacted the community in positive and lasting ways. The award simultaneously recognizes the accomplishments of its recipient. It honors the legacy of Amy Divine, the founder of Citizens  Project, who dedicated her energy to championing traditional American values of: 

equal rights • individual freedoms • separation of church and state • inclusion • justice for all • civic  engagement • respect for diversity 


What: Citizens Project invites members of the community to submit nominations for the prestigious Divine  Award that recognizes a person in the Pikes Peak region who has worked tirelessly to create a vibrant democracy in which equal rights are protected, individual freedoms are secure, differences are respected, and people fully participate in civic life. 

Nominations should be 300 words or fewer, telling us why the nominee should be recognized. We request specific information about the nominee’s roles in the community – both officially and informally – and how you believe your nominee has made a lasting impact on the community.


Please use the form below to nominate.  

Nominations will be accepted through June 28, 2024.

Winners will be honored at the Creating Community Breakfast on July 18, 2024.