Anti-racist work in Colorado Springs

The loss of so many lives at the hands of police violence has caused unspeakable pain to communities across the country. The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others bring new attention to this reality, yet none of this pain is new.

This national pain echoes the same violence, discrimination, and lack of accountability we have seen in our own community. We saw the killings of De’Von Bailey, Joshua Vigil, and Virgil Thorpe- plus so many others- all in the span of a year. CSPD has a lengthy history of police brutality that goes beyond these individual cases: CSPD has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawsuits for unlawful use of force, in cases like that of Ryan Brown, a Black man assaulted and racially profiled when pulled over. We have seen police violence against protestors demanding justice this past week, and we have yet to see the needed changes in our police and local government that we so desperately need.

All of these cases point to the urgency of the work we must do in our own community. Follow the link below to learn more ways you can engage in police accountability and racial justice in Colorado Springs.

A Statement from Citizens Project


The murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police is an unspeakable tragedy and a reminder that our country is still plagued by racist systems that have existed for over 400 years. Members of the Colorado Springs community are angry and in pain. We are reminded of the killing of De’Von Bailey and others at the hands of local law enforcement. This weekend, members of our community expressed that anger and pain in a peaceful protest that was met with violence.

Today and every day, each of us must do our part to knock down the walls of injustice. There needs to be an authentic conversation between citizens and those vested with authority in our community. For the past 18 months, Citizens Project has been strengthening our efforts to address racism in our community. We partner with communities of color and those most affected by police violence. We remain vigilant in advocating for greater transparency and accountability in our local law enforcement systems.

We must find ways to hold each other accountable. In the coming days we will provide resources and opportunities for the community to be actively engaged in the difficult discussions necessary to move forward in a just and equitable Colorado Springs.

Stay engaged and learn more