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From September through December of 2022, Citizens Project volunteers and staff surveyed the residents of House District 17 either door to door or at community events.

Of the 331 people who responded to the survey, 173 (52%) identified as female, 149 (45%) as male, one (.3%) as male and female, two as non-binary (.6%), and six (1.8%) gave no response or responded N/A. Find out more about the survey results below.

Excerpts From Study

"The responses here support the conclusion that most people are far more likely to vote in presidential elections than in midterms or primaries. The data also indicates that while voter registration is high among the surveyed participants, party affiliation is significantly lower. It is unclear what effect being in a committed relationship has upon voter data."

"The data indicates that easily accessible and clearly written information about both candidates and ballot measures as well as candidates who represent the voters are the most significant factors in influencing a vote. The responses indicate that concern for local issues and ballot measures do drive voters to the ballot box, while the ease of mail-in voting in Colorado may be the reason for the evenly distributed answers to that question."

"Are you affiliated with any political party? 10 Caucasian respondents were more likely to report a party affiliation (44.9%), while Black / African American respondents reported a lower likelihood (35.1%), and Hispanic / Latino respondents were the least likely to be affiliated with a political party (19.5%). Respondents in other race categories were unlikely to report a party affiliation (31.4%)."