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Fighting For Colorado Springs Since 1992

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For the past 30 years, Citizens Project has worked to build a vibrant democracy in the Pikes Peak region, ensuring that everyone in our community has the tools to have their voice heard and that equity, inclusion, and justice are championed in our community.


Information on this page will be continually updated so that citizens can access information to contact elected officials at the local and state levels.

City Of Colorado Springs Police Department/County Commissioners State Reps/Senators
Mayor: John Suthers CSPD Chief: Adrian Vasquez State Rep: Rose Pugliese – HD 14
District 1 City Council: Dave Donelson (Elected in 2021) CSPD Fire Chief: Randy Royal State Rep: Dave Williams – HD 15
President Pro Tem: Randy Helms (Elected in 2021) Sheriff's Department: Sheriff Bill Elder State Rep: Stephanie Vigil – HD 16
District 3 City Council: Stephannie Fortune (Appointed 2022) Public Information Office: Jacqueline Kirby State Rep: Regina English – HD 17
District 4 City Council: Yolanda Avila (Re-Elected 2021) County Commissioners Dist 1: Holly Williams State Rep: Marc Snyder – HD 18
District 5 City Council: Nancy Henjum (Elected in 2021) County Commissioners Dist 2: Carrie Geitner State Rep: Jennifer Parenti – HD 19
District 6 City Council: Mike O’Malley (Elected 2021) County Commissioner Dist 3: Stan VanderWerf State Rep: Don Wilson– HD 20
At-large City Council: Bill Murray (Re-Elected in 2019) Commissioner Dist 4: Longinos Gonzalez, Jr. State Rep: Mary Bradfield – HD 21
At-large City Council: Tom Strand, President (Re-Elected in 2019) Commissioner Dist 5: Cami Bremer State Senator: Dennis Hisey – SD 2
At-large: Wayne Williams (Elected in 2019) N/A State Senator: Paul Lundeen – SD 9
N/A N/A State Senator: Larry Liston – SD 10
N/A N/A State Senator: Tony Exum– SD 11
N/A N/A State Senator: Bob Gardner – SD 12
N/A N/A 4th Judicial District Attorney: Michael Allen