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Daily Dose 719.

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At Citizens Project, we believe that supporting each other in the work of equity, inclusion and justice is beneficial to the overall community. We also believe that as part of our mission to inform, inspire and engage, it is important that we highlight and share the work of organizations who are making a tangible difference in these complementary spaces.


We are happy to spotlight Inside Out Youth Services and hope that you enjoy discovering those in our community who are working to make Colorado Springs a better place.

Question: “How would you summarize your mission, the work you do, and the community that you serve?”

"Juelz grew up living in Pikes Peak Park, on the southeast side of town, as she got older she began to realize the impact disinvestment had on the Southeast community. As Southeast Colorado became known for crime Juelz was passionate about shifting the narrative. Daily Dose launched in 2020 and produced its first docuseries Health Equity in Southeast Colorado Springs, and unpacked the social determinants of health that were impacting the Southeast Community. In 2023, the Daily Dose team is made up of community advocates, students, and creatives who believe storytelling creates social change. We produce a variety of content that aims to inspire people into action and to provide information, opportunities and connections for people living in the 719. We love our city but we will not hesitate to shine light on the injustices that occur here. "

Question: “As an organization engaged in important and specific work in the community, what do you feel are issues/concerns voters in Colorado Springs would benefit from being more informed about? “

"For people that are skeptical and feel their vote doesn't matter we encourage you to be more involved at a local level. When it comes to the Mayor, City council, school board, etc. we have the opportunity to get to know, in person, the individuals making decisions. The more we ensure the right people are in those seats the more likely we are to see a neighborhood and city that reflects its residents values. We believe once people witness change in their cities, first hand, they will be more inclined to be involved at other levels of government."

future spotlights.

Citizens Project has recently launched a Community Spotlight feature on our website to support and educate residents about organizations, such as yours, as to the important and relevant work that you are doing. We would love to feature your organization!