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Educating Voters Since 1992

learn. love. vote.

Civic engagement is key to the Citizens Project’s mission.  Through the participation of all Pikes Peak community members in elections, we believe that community values, such as equity and justice, will be strengthened.


Citizens Project strives to provide nonpartisan information for all Pikes Peak voters to help them make educated decisions.

Citizens Project issues a non-partisan candidate survey/voter guide each election cycle. The publication is a free service provided to encourage informed voting and voter turnout. The responses in the guide are not edited for grammar, punctuation, or spelling and are truncated if they exceed the specified word count. 

Get Out And Vote

We strive to reach every voter in our community with election information. Every election, we mobilize volunteers to reach out to our neighbors. Check out our upcoming events on all of our social media accounts.

May 16, 2023 tentative Run-off election

November 7, 2023 General Election