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Inside Out Youth Services.

IOYS in downtown colorado springs

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At Citizens Project, we believe that supporting each other in the work of equity, inclusion and justice is beneficial to the overall community. We also believe that as part of our mission to inform, inspire and engage, it is important that we highlight and share the work of organizations who are making a tangible difference in these complementary spaces.

We are happy to spotlight Inside Out Youth Services and hope that you enjoy discovering those in our community who are working to make Colorado Springs a better place.

Question: “How would you summarize your mission, the work you do, and the community that you serve?”

"The Mission of Inside Out Is to build access, equity, and power with LGBTQIA2+ young people, ages 13-24, in the Pikes Peak region. We do this through community-building, advocacy, education, leadership, and social opportunities."

Question: “As an organization engaged in important and specific work in the community, what do you feel are issues/concerns voters in Colorado Springs would benefit from being more informed about? “

"We find many challenges to the health and wellbeing of LGBTQIA2+ young people happen in their schools. Aside from bullying and harassment, which LGBTQIA2+ youth face at higher rates than their peers, these students are also often subject to discriminatory policies or procedures that risk, for instance, outing them to their families, or forcing them to dress in a way that doesn't reflect their gender identity. Policies are decided and changed at the Board of Education/School Board level, and It's Important to keep our elected officials aware of the challenges faced by LGBTQIA2+ youth and the many ways we know how to support them. We also face crises In accessible health care, especially In mental health. The LGBTQIA2+ community has higher rates of unemployment and therefore less access to health care, and finding competent and affirming providers Is Incredibly difficult, especially those who provide transition-related care. "

Question: “How would you summarize your mission, the work you do, and the community that you serve?”

"Inside Out Youth Services runs the Pikes Peak Safe at Schools Coalition, a group of community organizations, educators, parents, students, and activists who are committed to making schools safer for LGBTQIA2+ students and all the intersections of their identities. We create tools for administrators to evaluate their school's safety, make recommendations for improvement, advocate for inclusive policy, and support gender-sexuality alliance clubs. Membership Is open to anyone Interested in Improving the lives of LGBTQIA2+ young people. We meet the fourth Monday of every month via Zoom. Learn more at, or follow us on social media."

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