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Fighting For Colorado Springs Since 1992

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Citizens Project is a fearless, bold advocate and an engaging voice that empowers and challenges our entire community to embrace equity, inclusion, and justice.

We have been a historical leader in turning inclusion into powerful and impactful policy change for the collective well being of all its citizens. Our mission will always revolve around community.

Creating Community Breakfast.

Annual Breakfast/fundraiser highlights great work done in the community and summarizes the work we’ve done for the year.

Community Engagement Series.

Quartley meets with the community to discuss various topics such as equity, education, policing, and more. This helps us gather what the community needs and how we can advocate.

Making A Real Impact

Our programs.

Legislator Report Card.

Citizens Project monitors bills every year during the Colorado State Legislative session, and we report back to our community about bills we support and oppose, based on their alignment with our values of equity, inclusion, and justice. We then publish our Legislator Report Card at the end of each legislative session, outlining how El Paso County Legislators voted on the issues and positions we took.

Voter Guides.

Citizens Project publishes a non-partisan candidate survey/voter guide each election cycle. The publication is a free service provided to encourage informed voting and voter turnout. The responses in the guide are not edited for grammar, punctuation, or spelling and are truncated if they exceed the specified word count. 

Low voter turnout survey.

Southeast Colorado Springs has the 3rd worst voter turnout of any district in the state. Based on that data, we asked why that was and created solutions to increase turnout.

GOTV/Voter education work.

Get-out-the-vote work ranges from Beats and Ballots, Postcards, voter 101’s in the community and schools, canvassing, and phone banking. Our voter education consists of candidate surveys, voter guides, and forums we run in conjunction with community partners.

Educational advocacy.

We partner with community members in holding our school boards and individual schools accountable to have the best environment for all students.

Community training.

We run training for the community from things ranging from equity training to separation of church and state.