TABOR, Proposition CC, National Popular Vote, and Ranked Choice Voting Explained

In this episode, we bring you a recap of our event we co-hosted with CONO (Council of Neighbors and Organizations). We hosted presentations and roundtable discussions on upcoming local and state ballot measures in Colorado. Deb Walker from Citizens Project discussed TABOR and how it was founded, in addition to how it impacts us today. She also outlined Prop CC and National Popular Vote, both upcoming measures voters will make a decision on.

We also welcomed Linda Templin from Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado, who discusses this new system and places around the country where it has been successfully implemented.

After presentations, we held roundtable discussions in which community members could share their personal perspectives on these issues. Some of the main ideas and concerns from community members are shared in this episode.

TABOR video

Proposition CC Fact Sheets

Citizens Project Voter Guide

Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado