Victoria Lipscomb brings a dynamic blend of social justice advocacy, educational leadership, and arts integration to The Citizens Project board. As co-founder and co-director of Unity Project, they have pioneered initiatives that use the arts to champion inclusivity and equity, showcasing a deep commitment to leveraging creative expression for societal impact. This, combined with over a decade of dedication to racial justice and their role as a certified DEIB facilitator, underscores Victoria’s comprehensive approach to community development. Their directorship at Community Anchor Academy further exemplifies a focused mission to dismantle generational poverty through education, empowering individuals and communities toward sustainable growth.

In addition to their impactful work in social and educational spheres, Victoria has made significant contributions to the musical landscape of Colorado Springs, notably as Music Director at First Baptist Church, Artistic Director of Shine Nation, and  Conductor with the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale positively influencing both youths and adults. Their participation on The Citizens Project board is a natural extension of their life’s work, bringing invaluable insights and experiences to the forefront of the fight for equality and democracy. Outside their professional and volunteer endeavors, Victoria finds balance and inspiration in travel and quality time with loved ones, fueling their ongoing commitment to create a more inclusive and equitable society.