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Fighting For Colorado Springs Since 1992

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Citizens Project works to educate and empower people in the Pikes Peak region to embrace all members of our community, regardless of race, economic status, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental ability.


Through our outreach, we seek to promote equity in our public spaces and challenge community members to uphold this value. 

Est 1992

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Organized in 1992, our founders were concerned about the increasing encroachment of overt religious influence into the public sphere and organized to ensure religious neutrality in public schools. At the same time, Colorado voters passed Amendment 2, which legalized the discrimination of LGBTQIA people in the state. These events were the catalysts of our founding.


For over 30 years, Citizens Project has worked to build a vibrant democracy in the Pikes Peak region, ensuring that everyone in our community has the tools to have their voice heard and that equity, inclusion, and justice are championed in our community.

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How To Get Involved

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Citizens Project is for the people – by the people. Our volunteers keep progress moving in the right direction, and fight for equity for all.


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Use our website to find the names and information of elected officials at the local and state level so can reach out to them for civic concerns.


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Citizens Project is a registered non-profit organization that uses your tax-deductible donations to fight for equity and inclusion for everyone in Colorado Springs.

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School Board

Stay up-to-date and civically engaged by following the activity of every school district in the Colorado Springs area.


Use a variety of resources to educate yourself on ways that you can fight against racism and help change the world.

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